“Distance doesn’t separate people. Silence does.”

53 thoughts on ““Distance doesn’t separate people. Silence does.”

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  1. True indeed, reminds me of some thing I read today, if you understand hindi/urdu you would understand “mashruff rehne ka andaaz tumhe tanha na karde gaalib, rishte fursat k nahi tawaju k mohtaaj hote hain”…

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      1. I could loosely translate it I think -“Your obssession of being busy could make you feel lonely, strong relationships don’t require an opportunity to be strong they just need importance& attention “.

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      2. Oh yeah dear. Actually the poet says that the person other side is too busy to give attention & importance and makes an excuse always that he is busy so in this scenario in reply to that the poet frames this line. The more you give the more shall you have it said so but if you yourself feel inadequacy try few times, talk and discuss and then when not satisfied give up.

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      3. See, if one eats a lot and doesn’t excercise it can be harmful, if one is always giving and not earning he’ll be a beggar one day, it’s same with relationships efforts need tobe from both sides, or else it can never be a strong bound. If efforts from one side are missing there’s no meaning to that relationship.

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      4. If that’s the case in a relationship, seems like he needs help. Why tear him down and never offer him help? Seems like being kicked and spit on while down. But the truth is, we all fall and need help. Do we not? Relationships are one sided when A.) someone has made selfish decisions and B.) someone has given up. Yes? No?

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      5. True it is ya. That’s why I told try a few times, put your best but how will you give when you don’t get back. if you know that person is deep inside truly in love with you he’ll know your worth someday until then support them… Don’t listen to anyone trust your instincts and do as your heart says, nobody in whole world could solve someone else’s relationship probs.✌

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      6. Very true, I am not in love with a he btw. Just need to make that clear. I know her worth but I don’t understand how to give love to someone I don’t get to have honest connections with. At this point, all I can do is pray and work on myself until she’s ready to be truthful or move on…. That fate is in gods hands, not mine. You can’t grow with someone who seemingly closes up communication for unknown reasons.. To watch each other hurt? I don’t know. Frustrated. Goodnight.

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  2. In love communication is vital for survival and for the relationship to thrive. Also too, silence is vital. Partners need silence to collect themselves, sort out thoughts and feelings, and figure out how to communicate with their partners in the most loving way. I feel, when communication is rushed or forced, tempers flair, hurtful words are shot at each other causing damage to be done that could be irreparable.

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      1. It is empty as a representation of how I feel when I’m not doing anything meaningful to earn a living for myself. It is my hope for the angels to notice my prayers and help me with this emptiness. Plus, I’m waiting to attend a training before I post anything else. I have high hopes for my blog and being provided meaningful ways to earn a living for myself because not doing so is putting a strain on my life and my ability to live the way I want.

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  3. One of the major reasons why most of my relationships end shortly after beginning is because the other person is silent. It’s extremely frustrating and I personally believe that silence hinders progress in a relationship. For that reason, I try to be as honest and open in my relationships because I know how a loved one’s silence can eat at someone and eventually make them feel extremely anxious and depressed. Nice quote! 🙂

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      1. You are absolutely right. But someone very significant in my life once told me that sharing your pain with another person lessens it. I feel like our experiences make us who we are and change us in miraculous ways. I’m grateful for everything I have and I know that after every period of prolonged darkness, there will be light. I just have to find it. I hope you feel better too and yes, no one should have to go through that at all. I hope everyone stays happy! 🙂

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      2. That is very true. When we know that we’re not alone in the emotions we feel, we can understand that we’re not the only ones who are going through such hardships.
        Stay happy and smile!

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    1. Yeah your kind of right. Sometimes silences can be good so one doesn’t feel like the other is too clingy. And sometimes it makes both people appreciate each other more.
      Thank you for this insight.

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