We Are Strong

I swear, everyday she calls me ugly, fat, not worth it. Maybe it's because I want to be pretty, skinny, and worth it that her words get to me. But why should I believe them? I shouldn't. Image Source

Missing You

I miss the boy whose smile lit up the world, Whose hair shone golden underneath the competing sun. I miss the way my heart would flutter every time you walk past, My mind going crazy And legs shaking. I miss the feelings I get just to see you everyday, And all I want is to... Continue Reading →


A few days ago, I got the notification that it was my one year anniversary blogging!  I just want to thank all my readers- both new and old for supporting me throughout my blogging journey. You guys have given me so much love and support to continue writing. This blog started out with me not... Continue Reading →

Blue Sky Tag #5

Hey guys! I've been nominated quite a long time ago for the Blue Sky Tag. Thank you so much Fadire Yinka for thinking of my blog!  The Rules: Give 11 questions. Tag 11 people. Answer the 11 given to you.  Don't forget to thank the person who tagged you.  Answering the Questions: What kind of music do... Continue Reading →


Everyday I watched him run away, farther with every step.  I longed for you, I need you.  As the days when we'll leave tick slowly closer,  I realize that I'm just too scared to love you,  but I'm too scared to watch you go. -poetrylover

The Emptiness Now Gone

I'd lost one of my closest friends, the empty hole, seemed too large to replace.  My life felt down,  my spirits were saddened.  Until that day I decided it was enough,  and discovered a world open to new people.  And then I met you,  you filled my heart's emptiness and more.  Now I know that... Continue Reading →

Just Some Thoughts #2

Age shouldn't be something we judge people on, which is why you won't find my age on this blog. People feel restricted by their age, however, talent shouldn't be limited by a number. Whether it's writing ability, skill, or capability, age shouldn't stand in the way of letting us accomplish our best.

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