I’m just an ordinary girl trying to make a blog and be seen throughout the 152 million blogs in the world. As you can tell, I’m into poetry and I can’t wait to share my experiences with the world. Many people think that poetry is for nerds, but it’s for everyone. Poetry is what you can put your feelings into to cherish the happy moments in life or to help relive your sadness. Whatever poetry is for you, just write poetry and let it make a difference in your life.

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  1. Poetry and writing in general should be accessible to anyone wanting to express their thoughts on the world. I’m glad to see you have a real passion for poetry, but do be afraid to step outside your comfort zone whether that’s trying new forms of poetry or new forms of writing.
    Feel free to stop by and leave some feedback on the poetry I’ve posted or any piece you like! I hope to hear from you soon!
    -Author S

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  2. I’ve been blogging since July, 2009 and still never fail to be deeply touched by the connections we make right across the world. My long-winded way of saying many thanks for subscribing to Learning from Dogs and it would be a great pleasure to follow you in turn. If you ever fancy sharing something for my readers then that would be perfect. More details here: https://learningfromdogs.com/interaction/

    I will be delighted to follow you in turn.

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  3. Poetry is my therapy. I like the short poems you have here. True and beautifully human. Thank you for your follow. I will be delighted to read the stories of your life!
    A question. Do you illustrate your own pictures? If so they are gorgeous.

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