Everyday I watched him run away, farther with every step. 

I longed for you, I need you. 

As the days when we’ll leave tick slowly closer, 

I realize that I’m just too scared to love you, 

but I’m too scared to watch you go.


37 thoughts on “Afraid

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  1. Really loved this one. The theme of fear seems to be surfacing throughout my life now. Recently listened to a meditation about fear. And the insight was, most of our reactions stem from a fear. The solution, just become aware of the fear and admit you are fearful. Easier said than done though. This post reminded me of this, and feels like a knot in the chest.

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    1. Thank you so much! Thank you also for sharing this experience- the insight I can agreed on fully. It’s never easy to admit fear as you said, but as we begin to, we realize that by doing so, it can really relieve the feelings we trap inside. πŸ’™

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