You'll never be able to tame me,  I won't obey your rule. Even if you try to lock me up,  I'll find a way to escape.  I know I'm not as strong as you,  but with every action of harm you cause me,  I grow stronger than before.  Don't make me follow you,  I strive... Continue Reading →

Another Chance

Another chance I'm giving you,  please don't mess this up.  You hurt me once,  I'm not going to let you twice.  Don't press my limits,  show me the happiness in the world.  I've learned to believe in you again,  make this the best choice I've made.  I know I'm not perfect,  but make me feel... Continue Reading →

Follow Your Heart

You say that you love him,  but is it really true?  Your mind tells you he's the one,  your heart knows he's not.  He doesn't realize your kindness or happiness waiting for him to find.  The surface is all he sees,  but I know that's not enough.  Why love him if he doesn't deserve you?... Continue Reading →


Sorry that I haven't posted anything for a while now.  But here's a poem that I wrote and I hope you like it.  It was love we said,  even though life brought us our serperate ways.  Ensuring the hardships,  so our love could be seen through.  Fate took us away, life managed to bring us... Continue Reading →


 Sorry I haven't posted any poetry for a while now. But here's one for you guys, so I hope you like it. Why do I feel like,  every time you say you love me, it's not true. Maybe I'm just jealous, that you liked someone else besides me. Maybe you say those words, too often... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I think that I must be perfect. Maybe I want more than what I already am so lucky to have. But really, being perfect is not what one should want. I really hope this poem inspires you to not want perfection. I know that after I wrote this poem I began to realize that... Continue Reading →

Stand Up

Let me first start off by saying that I'm sorry for not posting anything for so long. I've been busy with getting ready for a new year at school and a last-minute vacation XD. Well as always, I hope you like this poem. The things that they say to you may hurt you the most.... Continue Reading →

Holding On

I find that people can be all the characters in this poem. Either they destroy one's feelings or help them heal- it's up to you to decide who you want to be. I really hope you all like this poem and  feel free to leave your comments/ thoughts below. Your words- so hurtful and mean.... Continue Reading →

Still Love Me

People change, is that okay? From the gloomy rain, you become the brightest sun. One day you're the prettiest flower, the next, the meanest volcano. The people around you influence who you become in the most positive and negative ways. I guess it's okay if you change, as long as you still love me. -poetrylover

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