Just Some Thoughts #1

Just some advice I gave…

Try to be more understanding towards others, 

Try to care more about them. 

It doesn’t hurt to try and make someone feel welcome 

in a place they feel like they don’t. 

Never say I don’t care, 

its used when one doesn’t want to loose their pride. 

Care about your friends, 

care more about your family, 

because one day they’ll be gone.


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37 thoughts on “Just Some Thoughts #1

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      1. Thanks. He was a three pack a day Lucky Strike smoker and died of emphysema. I hate to see young people smoking now. It seems they start earlier send earlier for everything!😳

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      1. Thank you so much for letting me know! Can you please help me? Can you try to comment again and let me know? Please? Thank you so much! Also, my giveaway is also on the blog! XOXO Thank you so much girl! XOXO

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