The Blue Sky Tag #3

Hey guys, I’m back again with another Blue Sky Tag. A big thank you to for Thunder Poet tagging me. Let’s go 👇

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person(people) who nominated you.
  2. Answer their 11 questions.
  3. Tag 11 people.
  4. Give them 11 questions to answer.

Answering the Questions:

  1. What’s your favourite colour? PINK!!!!
  2. Would you consider Skydiving or Rock climbing? Skydiving, cuz it looks cool and fun. Plus I’ve already tried rock climbing 😁
  3. If a stranger calls ‘shotgun’, immediately sits in your car and drives away, what would you do? Ummmm…find this as an excuse to buy a new car? 
  4. According to you, is Coldplay a legendary band or not? (answer this question with caution) I don’t think so. Their song Something Just Like This is amazing so….Coldplay is awesome!!!!!
  5.  Werewolf or Vampire?  *wink wink* Vampire
  6. American English or British/Canadian English? (not the accent) Aww why not the accent 😯. British English seems more sophisticated so I’m going with that. 
  7. Black or White? White, but they are so equal- I love them both. 
  8. How many imaginary friends do you have? Describe at least one’s personality. Surprisingly none. 
  9. Dog or Wolf? (Cat is not an option here) Neither
  10. Domino’s or Pizza hut? Domino’s
  11. Describe some features of your future house. Swimming pool, multiple levels, a sewing/fashion room, modern.

    I Tag:

    1. Tosha Michelle 
    2. Inaarablog
    3. Jade M Wong 
    4. yuhublogger
    5. Your Average Peahead 
    6. Escaping perfection
    7. Express to Expose
    8. Just My Notes
    9. Lazy Haze
    10. Maelancholy
    11. A Whistling Caravan 

    Question to the Above:

    1. What’s your favorite song? 
    2. One food you can’t live without? 
    3. What inspires you? 
    4. Do you prefer summer or winter? 
    5. What are your hobbies? 
    6. Do you participate in any sports? 
    7. Do you regret anything you’ve done? 
    8. What motivates you? 
    9. Who’s your favourite celebrity?
    10. What makes you happy? 
    11. What makes you sad? 

    A huge thank you once again to Thunder Poet for tagging me. I hope everyone is doing well and I’m going to try and complete all my awards before this month ends! 

      – poetrylover

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