“You hang out with so many boys, yet you can’t get a boyfriend. ” someone told me.

I’m not sure why, but what he said really hurt. So what if I have friends that are boys? So what if I don’t have a boyfriend? Maybe I’m just not ready for one, yet you force me to believe I have to have one. He made me feel really bad about myself and his words still pain me now. 

What do you guys do to overcome people like this? I really want your advice. 


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  1. Not having a boyfriend or a girlfriend doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have one. It means that you don’t want one because you are really happy with the friends you have and don’t really feel a need to be with someone in particular.

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  2. So false to think you should have a boyfriend just because you have a lot of male friends. If there’s no chemistry between you and the other person, then it just isn’t a love connection. Relax and you’ll meet someone. The world is so large, so full of people. Relax and have fun.

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  3. Poetry lover, I can’t help but wonder if his words hurt you still because you have possibly wondered the same thing at one time or another. If you are truly happy or content with your life and relationships as they exist at this moment it does not matter what anyone says or thinks. I am currently single and also have many male friends. I just have not found the guy I am ready to settle down with right now but I have no doubt that he and I will find each other when the time is right :).
    You’ll find your boyfriend when you least expect to. Have a great day and don’t let negative people steal your joy!

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  4. Its quite a judgemental statement they made…and hidden in it is the implication that something is “wrong with you” which is why I’m sure it hurts…

    But what do they know! It’s your life and your choice!

    What I often do with people like that, is think “They haven’t a clue what it’s like to walk in MY shoes (or me, in theirs) so why bother taking to heart their hurtful comments?”


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  5. Firstly, boys and girls should be equal. Therefore, friendship should be based on love, trust and happiness completely, not gender. Secondly, you do not need a relationship to be happy. You can be beautiful without a boy. You can be strong all on your own. Focus on the people that make you happy!

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  6. I like talking to guys because of the content of conversations. I’m not into shopping, decoration, fashion or brand name of department stores. So talking to guys are more interesting to me.
    You’ll have a boyfriend when you’re ready and the right one comes along, not until then…… Thank you for stopping by and like one of my post. Hope you’ll come back to visit.

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  7. Honestly, just do you and ignore them. I got nothing else, just focus on yourself… If you want one, go get one. If you don’t then don’t, and if people ask just say you’re indifferent to the matter. If you want to screw with them then say you’re Asexual. That should shut them up or at least cause them to stare at you awkwardly.(I find it funny when that happens). And if you want to insult them, say your sapiosexual. Hopefully one of these options will be to your liking or at least start a conversation.

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  8. You don’t need to listen to such people. Many people will criticize you just because they cant be like you. If you believe that you are not doing anything wrong and you don’t have bad intentions then you don’t need to care. Let people say, you are not here to please everyone :). You are a human being not a Pizza πŸ˜›

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  9. hi! i just found your blog and it’s great! you know, i have never had a boyfriend or girlfriend my whole life, and i’ve been perfectly happy that way. don’t let anyone pressure you into a relationship. you should be allowed to make whatever choices you want, and others can’t make those choices for you.

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  10. People say hurtful things all the time, I’m sorry you were hurt, you will get a boyfriend when it’s meant to happen, and in the meantime focus on your own life ❀

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      1. You’re welcome! I wrote a post about giving advice sort of prompted by my comment to you, it is easy to give advice but not always easy to even take our own advice. Blessings to you x

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  11. This’s should not be considered like a slang , rather u should welcome it . Many are their only with boyfriends but not a single boy as a friend who can remain their bestie.
    You might be the lucky one…so cheers for that and stay happy !!

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