Last Chances

​I stood there, watching as you cried in the corner. 

All I wanted was to talk to you, make you feel better. 

However they didn’t let me, they were sure that I’d hurt you even more. 

I begged, I wish I had begged harder. 

It was my last chance to tell you, my last chance for you to know that I loved you. 

You deserve more love than you receive and I couldn’t give it to you. 

I would’ve been happy, watching you walk out that door smiling. 

A tear slipped down, it hurt to see you like this. 

And I watched the tears stream down as you ran home, alone, in the rain. 


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  1. A lovely read. But I wonder how one character hurt the other but still loves that person. I mean, hurt the other so badly that “they” don’t let this person meet the other. Sorry if my question is sounding weird. But I’m curious as to what actually happened.

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    1. Well I’m going to try and answer your question: one guy hurt the other and I wanted to talk to the guy who got hurt. The guy who hurt this boy, told me not to talk to him because he was sure my words would cause the boy more pain. Idk if this helps the confusion…

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