We’ve been together for a few months now. All the hardships and experiences have been with him. No one knew about this until today when his mother found out. She doesn’t support us together- she believes we’re too young. Maybe we are too young to be together, but what if my heart believes this is right? I don’t know what to do. It’s a tough choice to make. I definitely don’t want to lose him but what if others found out. Can you guys please help me? Any of your thought and opinions would be greatly appreciated in this choice. 



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  1. I’m lost…..but um do what you can(with in reason). You guys love each other then try to stay make it work. One day at a time.(go slow kids) and don’t do anything reckless to.make people worry. As for other people figuring out, if you mean family well ship has sailed, if you mean other people then you don’t need to broadcast you ur relationship…not sure if this helps..

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  2. I don’t think age matters, but I married at 19. Now I wish I had gone to school before taking the job I wanted. However, then I would not have married, and not have the family I have now. Don’t rush!

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  3. i will be in a similar situation very soon…………its always good to introspect before taking a step……….and after that just be strong and hold on till this storm passes……..and i believe honesty goes a long way……….
    all the best!!! 🙂 🙂

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  4. Well, I would want you to do what you think is morally correct. Not that my advice counts as much, but if there’s one sensible advice I could give you, then it would be to stick to your conscience. And there’s a reason why I say that. People will tell you to do what makes you happy, or make emotional decisions about continuing with your love blindly but as much as I don’t want you to be pessimistic, I’d also not want you to be impractical. Since you never know with life and I would genuinely not want you to stand at some point and regret over your guilty conscience. Because trust me that’s more painful than a heartbreak because one needs no external force to become agitated, the restlessness comes from within, and that’s torturous! So although I’d advice you to be steadfast with your choice and selection, I’d also want you to be honest and face the outcome bravely.
    P.S: Also never run behind something what won’t come to you naturally-whats meant to be, will be!

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