Another Chance

Another chance I’m giving you, 

please don’t mess this up. 

You hurt me once, 

I’m not going to let you twice. 

Don’t press my limits, 

show me the happiness in the world. 

I’ve learned to believe in you again, 

make this the best choice I’ve made. 

I know I’m not perfect, 

but make me feel like I’m perfect for you. 

Another chance I’m giving you, 

I know you won’t let me go.


39 thoughts on “Another Chance

Add yours

  1. sweetheart,
    don’t hurt me,
    not again.
    love, listen
    please don’t
    inflict, anymore,
    this heart is yours,
    this life is yours,
    i would hate to
    live, hating you.
    darling, help me;
    help me live
    loving you……

    amazing poem………loved this!!! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

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  2. Hey! I’m from the community pool and I decided to drop my comment here. I love this piece. You just earned a new follower. Have a great day x)

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  3. wow… really getting inspired by you poems……am taking hours in your blog…thanks for the link….
    i wanna make you a small idol……for the inspiration am getting from you..
    am solidly behind you

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