Follow Your Heart

You say that you love him, 

but is it really true? 

Your mind tells you he’s the one, 

your heart knows he’s not. 

He doesn’t realize your kindness

or happiness waiting for him to find. 

The surface is all he sees, 

but I know that’s not enough. 

Why love him if he doesn’t deserve you?

I hope your heart will win the battle

for it’s the one that will lead you to love. 


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22 thoughts on “Follow Your Heart

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  1. Nice twist on the poem. Normally it’s perceived that your heart is what get’s you into trouble, but the poem reverse it to the heart leading you away from a pointless relationship…guess the heart is so fickle lol. Good job

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  2. I really liked this one. Sometimes its harder to even figure out which one is the heart and which one is the mind. To let go or not to. Love or not love.
    Great post:) I could learn a lot from you.

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