Sorry that I haven’t posted anything for a while now.  But here’s a poem that I wrote and I hope you like it. 

It was love we said, 

even though life brought us our serperate ways. 

Ensuring the hardships, 

so our love could be seen through. 

Fate took us away,

life managed to bring us back together. 

But maybe we were only meant to be so much, 

maybe nothing more. 

Maybe fate is right, 

that now isn’t the time, 

but it might be,



17 thoughts on “Fate

Add yours


    i flew from the earth long time ago…..
    since i stumbled in to blog…
    it became a space shuttle for me…
    now am roaming around the space…
    looking for a new world..
    to park my new bus
    the new heart i acquired…
    since i clicked on that link
    you shared in the community pool…
    and erect a colorful tent
    and plant a garden of flowers…
    to beautify my new world
    that i acquired…
    since i stumbled in to your blog!

    …………….am really grateful that you shared this link…
    i swear am changed..
    i became new since i got in to this blog……

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