Tell Them

You know that person who you truly care about? Well I was lucky enough to have that person in my life. However it was only until a few days ago when I lost him. I stopped telling him I loved him and that I cared and I think that’s the main reason why he’s gone. 

When that person starts to believe that your heart doesn’t love him, he notices. He holds on for a few days hoping you’ll tell him the things he wants to hear. However I didn’t. He slowly but surely started drifting away from me until finally was gone. Now I regret every single thing that I didn’t tell him but I know that it’s too late now. My heart feels empty and I wish time would turn back. However it doesn’t, and now I’ve lost someone I know I can never get back. 



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      1. That’s okay poetrylover. It’s always not necessary that we should show people that we care about them and people who matter really see and know when they care for us. Blaming one ownself doesn’t do any good and besides who knows what future holds for you.

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  1. In my heart of hearts, I hope this is fiction? I have felt this before, too, not that long ago, and whilst it was nothing amorous, it was no less confronting coming to terms with the fact that something has been lost forever. I wish life can be kinder sometimes, can give second chances, even if to say a proper goodbye.

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