Poetry Nation

There’s another poetry contest called Poetry Nation where you could win cash prizes- like thousands of dollars. Of course I wouldn’t be writing about it if I hadn’t entered it. I don’t know why but to me the site looked kinda shady and I couldn’t get past the Google ads. However I managed to get to the place where you could enter your poetry. A few weeks later I got an acceptance letter in the mail. I was happy but in order to buy a book, you must pay close to $60. I’m kinda on a budget cut here so I didn’t buy the book. My friends told me that I should’ve bought a book cuz writing poetry could be a future job for me. But my parents pointed out that I would just be paying to be published, so I don’t have much regret now when I look back. Try entering this contest for yourself and see where it brings you.

Poetry Nation Contest Link

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  1. I’m not sure how anyone could do poetry as their main job – I think nowadays poetry could be someone’s side hustle while they’re off doing something else (probably something with book). After all, you can’t force creativity. There’s something to be said about a humdrum job and how it suddenly brings out one’s creative spark, lashing out in vengeance and rebellion against the nine-to-five, begging to be nurtured and given form. A novel, a collection of poems, new music, a different avenue of research, a blog – something, ANYTHING!

    Art’s a funny thing, isn’t it?


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