It Doesn’t Matter

I’m all about poetry; whether it’s day or night, I find inspiration everywhere I go. I first got into writing poetry at a summer camp in the year 2015. It was about a boy who I knew from my old school and how strong our friendship was even though we’ve been apart for two years. The head teacher told me to fix up the poem and I was disappointed cuz he didn’t like it. However, one of the teachers who I had given the poem to read, liked it, and told me it was fine if I didn’t want to change it. I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter who likes your poetry as long as you love it.


7 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Matter

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  1. Loved your thoughts… No matter what others say until you love what you write!
    I am a new blogger and wrote a poem on my first post. I would love if you could check it out!
    If you like my work, we may follow each other!

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  2. This is honestly how I felt when I was doubting if I should start a blog but you’re right. In my situation, it doesn’t matter who likes my blog as long as I love it. I’d appreciate it if you visit my blog and see what I ended up with, haha. ❤

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  3. You’re you and who you’re makes you. You ought to love your you as no one else would. Not even your loved ones. Only you understands you and if people despise you, the best person to encourage and strengthen you is only and always you though some comments may rise from others. I have got to learn one thing which is; love yourself as you would love yourself…this encourages me though when I’m done.
    There are more to yourself than what others say or see and it’s only you…. what you’re made up of and what you intend to be or probably go. All is about you and nobody else.
    Think yourself, remember you.

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